Gift ideas for 2011

Like anyone else, at various special times around the year, friends and family will ask me what I want for [fill in the occasion]. My standard answer has always been books. No one ever takes that seriously for some reason and I really don’t know why. In any event, for 2011, my standard answer has changed. So, friends and family:

If there is a special occasion and you are looking for a gift idea for yours truly, here it is:

Used copies of Astounding Science Fiction from July 1939 – December 1949.

Where do I find those?” I can hear you asking. Well, local independent (used) bookstores that specialize in science fiction often have boxes of them, cheap, too. Comic books stores sometimes carry them. And of course, they can be found various places online.

Ah, yes, but how do I know if you need the one that I’ve found?” Well, I’ve put together this page that lists all of the issues I am trying to collect. Issues that appear in bold are already in my collection. I have them, you need not worry about them. Issues that appear in blue mean that I have a line on them and there is a good chance that I will get the issue, but check with me if you are not certain. All other issues are up for grabs and if you happen to find one for a buck-fifty in the back closet of that used bookstore down the street and want to give me a nice birthday present, have at it. As soon as I know for certain that I’ve obtained a copy I will update the list so you can be reasonably sure it is up-to-date when you check it.

Why are you collecting 60-70 year old issues of a science fiction magazine?I take it you’re new here.

Seriously. If you are considering getting me something this year (a completely unnecessary, but much appreciated gesture) and are looking for a gift idea: this is it. It will be appreciated more than you could ever imagine.


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