A brief thank you

Among my writing goals for 2011, was one in which I wished to increase my blogging activity, to raise the visibility of my blog by providing more relevant content. It’s difficult to be a writer these days and not maintain a blog. The content, of course, focuses primarily on writing and on science fiction with occasional excursions elsewhere. Now that one full month has gone by in 2011, I am pleased to say that traffic to my blog has increased significantly. In fact, in the month of January this blog saw more than half of the traffic that it did for all of 2010 combined.

I don’t know how relevant my content is in the grand scheme of things, and I don’t know how much people enjoy what I write, but I feel like I’m doing something right. The comments I get are generally positive. And so I’d like to say thank you to everyone who comes by here and spends a few minutes perusing the posts. It’s nice to feel like what I am writing is interesting to others.

Your participation in this little corner of the Internet is greatly appreciated.


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