Language explosion

I am behind on my posts on the Little Man, who is coming up on 20 months. I tried really hard to keep a list of all his words as he said them, but he’s had such a language explosion in the last few weeks that I’ve lost track and will never catch up. He is fascinated by keys and will walk down the main hall to the entryway where the keys hang and say, “Keesh! Keesh!” He will go to the shoe box, and say, “Shoosh!” and then try and put his shoes on his little feet. He knows every form of transportation: “Cahw”, “Eh-pain”, “chump-truck” (which can be dump truck, garbage truck, or tow truck depending upon the context). He knows various directions, especially “Upah” and “Downnn”. He loves to turn on and off the “Laya” (light). His favorite drink after mee-mee (milk) is “appajuice”. There are so many more I can’t even list them all. But I must say that at the moment, my favorite of all his words is “dough-uh” (door). It just sounds so a-dough-uh-rable when he pronounces the syllables.

In addition to vocabulary, he’s developed quite the personality. At present, he doesn’t like no for an answer and when you say no, or tell him that he can’t so something, he performs what can only be described as a kind of whining bow. I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. He knows how to play hide-and-seek and tag. And he still has the Best. Laugh. Ever.

I really wish I’d kept better track of the progress of his vocabulary, but I can’t imagine trying to keep up at this point, especially now that he’s getting into multiple word phrases like, “Daddy upah” and “Mommy shoosh.” But I’ll continue to report those amusing things that he says (or will inevitably say) probably well into his middle-age.


  1. This is lovely, Jamie. I remember that stage with my kids… in language acquisition lingo, that’s called the “word spurt.” Thanks for bringing it all back.

  2. We asked our doctor if it was normal when Damian’s vocab exploded around 18 months, and he said that’s the time when it happens to most kids. It’s quite amazing.


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