Back home

I’m back home, and what a relief. It was great to see my friends and coworkers and my parents in L.A. but I’m glad I don’t have to do it again for another year. It takes a lot out of me, to say nothing of the fact that I miss Kelly and the Z-Man when I’m gone.

I’m sorry for the dearth of blogging this last week. I kinda tanked and not only didn’t I get much blogging done, I didn’t get much writing done either. There was just not enough time in the day with all of the various work events going on.

That said, Episode 7 of my Vacation in the Golden Age wil be out on Monday, and this is turning out to be a pretty good issue: more good stories than not-so-good this time around. Also, next week, my second Wayward Time Traveler piece will be out over at SF Signal and I think this is a fun and interesting one, and it may help to answer a question I’ve been pondering for a little while now.

Yesterday was a travel day. My flight was delayed more than an hour and what with baggage claims and driving home, I got in the door at 7pm Eastern time, just in time to read to the Little Man and sing to him and put him to bed. I promised him I’d be here in the morning. My sister and niece are staying with us this weekend and my brother-in-law is joining us this morning.

And so, beginning this weekend, I should be returning to my regular level of blogging. I apologize for the unevenness of the topics and rhythm over the last several days.


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