Dear Little Z-Man

Dear Little Z-Man,

I am coming home today. That means that tomorrow morning, when you run into the bedroom bright and early happily exclaiming, “Daddy!” I’ll be there to catch you and tickle you and play.

It means that when you go to bed tonight, I’ll be reading you a book, as usual, and then singing you some Bing Crosby. I’ll tuck you in, make sure that you and your monkey are okay, and I’ll come check in on you before I go to bed–just like I always do when I’m there.

It means that I can eat dinner with you tomorrow, and after dinner, perhaps, you and I can go hang out in the car and you can press all of the buttons.

It means that with can play with your cars and trucks and trains and boats and airplanes.

It means that I can give you a bath.

It means that we can make puppy noises together and chase each other around the house until we are laughing and out of breath.

Did I mention that I’m coming home on an eh-pane? If you look up in the sky at say, 4pm tomorrow afternoon, you’ll see my plane and I’ll wave to you.

I’ve missed you all week long, Little Z-Man, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Until then, take care of Mommy.



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  1. When I helped kelly on Tuesday Zach was saying daddy and I started to tear up he missed u a lot Jamie 😉


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