Nebula Weekend 2011, Day 1, Part 1

I left the house at 10am and made my long trek to the Nebula Weekend hotel. Okay, it wasn’t such a long trek. I drove to my office in Pentagon City and caught the Metro the rest of the way. Made it to the hotel just before 11am. Right away, I saw Steven Silver at the registration desk. I checked in, got my badge and my bag of goodies. And what a bag it is! Filled with books and magazines. And heavy, too. I found out at which table Kelly and I will be sitting tomorrow night. (And I did not check in for Kelly because I didn’t want to lug around two large bags of books.)

I was a little worried that I might not see anyone else that I knew or recognize (or had the guts to approach), but no sooner had I scoped out the lobby than did I see Eric James Stone and his recursive t-shirt. For my non-SF friends, Eric is a Hugo and Nebula nominated science fiction writer, an assistant editor of InterGalactic Medicine Show (where my first published story appeared), and helps to run the Codex Writer’s Group of which I am a member. We chatted for quite a while, and then I saw Allen Steele wander by and we pulled him into our little conversation. Shortly after that we ran into Alethea Kontis and Mary Rodgers, more fellow Codexians to say nothing of fine writers. And then we ran into Lawrence Schoen.

Rather than go to the hotel restaurant for lunch, I headed up to the con suite and had a sandwich there, and chatted with several people before heading back down to the hotel lobby.

I ended up checking my backpack and goodie bag with the bell captain because it was too much to lug around. I retrieved the former so that I could charge up my phone and do some writing while waiting for the next big event. Yes, writing. Between a conversation I had with Juliette Wade this morning, and being here among all of these fantastic writers, I am getting re-energized and am closer to really start writing again in earnest.

Later on this afternoon there’s the mass book signing, and some other fun events. Plus, its just fun getting to hand out with this cream of the crop here. I am so lucky!

And since I’ve been sitting here, I’ve seen folks like Gardner Dozois, John Kessel and Micahel Swanwick walk by. Whoa!

Continue onto Day 1, Part 2.


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