4 weeks until the Little Miss arrives

It’s been a busy week, but it didn’t pass my notice that four weeks from today is the scheduled arrival of the Little Miss. We are reasonably confident in the date, seeing as how it is a scheduled c-section and those tend to be done a week or so before the normal due date. But it also makes me think: only four weeks! Four weeks before the Little Man was born, I wrote about how time seemed to slow down for the expecting couple, like some kind of time dilation during gestation. In many ways, this second time around has had the opposite effect. I feel like we are hurtling toward this D-day at an ever faster pace. I suspect it is because we’ve been through it once before.

We have finally settled on a name, which will be announced in due course. That happened more than a week ago, and we have all be referring to her by her name. Even the Little Man has taking to recognizing the name, despite lacking a face to put to it.

Her room is in the process of being set up. Kelly got a dresser for her, and will be painting it. We’re getting some additional shelves as well. Various parental visits have been scheduled. But in many ways, the event that takes place in four weeks is just as abstract as the first time around. I don’t feel nearly as rushed this time. Time doesn’t seem to be crawling along, although Kelly, who is bearing the full brunt of this event may beg to differ.

I imagine things will speed up as we get closer. And of course, the big routine changes will start up again. Little sleep, midnight feedings. I’ll stop going to writers group for a while and I imagine the amount of time I’ll be able to spend writing will dwindle some. But I will have a full month off to spend with Kelly, the Little Miss and the Little Man and that will be nice.

All-in-all, I feel more ready at the t-minus four week mark this time around than I did the first time, but I suspect because I know what to expect this time. Of course, the Little Miss could turn out to have a completely different temperament from the Little Man. We’ll know that soon enough.


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