A Week in Maine

As we’ve done each 4th of July week for the last several years, we are spending the week up in a small coastal town in Maine. I have cousins who live up here, and who have a wonderful cottage across the dooryard from their house, and we stay in the cottage. It is perfect for the four of us.

We arrived here yesterday, after a 7-1/2 hour drive from Saratoga Springs, NY. We barbecued for dinner, and spent time catching up with my cousins. It was very nice.

I slept really well last night, despite the fact that the Little Miss wandered into our room several times to tell us how dark and quiet it was. It is dark and quiet here. We are right on the water. We had the windows open and the air was just perfect for a good night’s sleep. The only sound was the occasional gentle splash of water in the distance, or the croak of a frog from the pond behind the cottage. Those frogs can go all night long, but it is a pleasant sound to fall asleep to.

We are usually early risers, regardless of the day of the week, or vacation. The kids have us up at 6:30 am at the latest. But not today. We slept in until 7:30 am. I think we all needed it.

Our week up here is off to a very pleasant start. Blogging may be a little more intermittent than usual because I am, after all, on vacation. That said, I have been writing every day, and as of this morning my streak stands at 343 consecutive days, and 486 out of the last 488 days. Indeed, I’m hoping to do a little more than my usual writing while I’m up here.


  1. Maine air is just plain good for the soul. Been too long since I’ve been back. Enjoy your vacay, you deserve it.


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