Paternity Leave

We are five weeks and one day away from the birth of the Little Miss. (It is a scheduled c-section and I’m fairly confident about the date, but things can change.) That’s a mere 36 days and as I recall from last time, these last few weeks fly by in the blink of an eye.

I will be taking a month off from work when the baby is born. I want to be there to help out with the baby when she first arrives. It will also be nice to get a substantial mental break from the day job. If things stick to the schedule, therefore, my last day at the day job will be August 24. I will return to the office on Monday, September 26.

Naturally, during this time, a lot of my time will be dedicated to taking care of the newborn, bonding with her, and doing things around the house. However, I also won’t have the full time day job to contend with. The Little Man will continue to go to school so he won’t be home during the day. Assume that the Little Miss is no more difficult than the Little Man was, I fully expect to be able to keep up with the blog, continuing to post on a daily basis. There may only be one post each day, and it may be shorter, but nevertheless, I expect to keep posting here.

For those following along with the Vacation in the Golden Age, I also fully expect to keep up with those episodes. Episode 23 should come out on Monday, September 5, as currently scheduled (there is a slight chance it will come out in Tuesday since Monday is Labor Day and I don’t yet know what plans, if any, we’ll have for that day.) Episode 24 should come out on schedule on Monday, September 19. Those are the only two episodes scheduled during my paternity leave.

Finally, I am hoping that I just might be able to squeeze in a little more writing. This, of course, will depend on how much sleep I am getting, for as anyone who has had kids knows, the cardinal rule of those early days is: sleep when they sleep. But assuming I can wrangle up enough sleep, I’m going to try to complete a story or two during that month off.

I expect my other social networking activities to diminish slightly during that month, especially in that first week while I get a grip on the new reality, but I will try to keep up with email as best I can.

We’re still five weeks out, but I am starting to think about this now and plan ahead, thus the heads-up on the matter this morning.



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