Writing progress for July 30

I managed to get in two writing sessions today!

The first one was right around noon while Kelly and the Little Man were out. I joined a Google+ writers hangout that Mary Robinette Kowal started (but from which she was mysteriously absent) and managed to get about 600 words written on scene #3 of my novelette.

Then, between 5-6 pm, I wrote another 1,200 words in that scene. But the scene is not 1,800 words long. I realized after the first 600 words that the scene was too slow. I came in too early and was planning to stick around too long. So during that second session, I rewrote the scene in a way that I think works much better (because I can get in some additional background information) and still carry the action forward. It also means that I may be able to cut the story down to 15 scenes if I play my cards right. But this is the kind of thing that happens to me as I go along.

Interestingly, I’ve felt “in the zone” all day. I can usually tell when the story-telling soil is particularly fertile because no matter what I am doing, in the back of my head throughout the day I am constructing scenes, tearing them down and figuring out better ways to tell them. I hear snippets of dialog race through my head. I can see the overall arc of the story and that is certainly how today went.

I was hoping to get to scene #4 tonight–another scene that I am excited to write–but I’m a little too tired now. I’ll have time in the morning to get another scene or two written, however. So I’m taking the rest of the evening off with a pretty good sense of accomplishment, especially in light of how painfully slow the writing has gone over the last several months. Both yesterday and today were good writing days.

And I think tomorrow will be, too.


  1. Heh. Yeah, I’d started the hangout, but was visiting with friends and we went out for breakfast. There were only two other people in the hangout, so I left my window open since we knew that more people would see my hangout and wander in. I also thought I’d come back in time to get more writing done.


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