My attempt at being productive today

I had a list and a plan. What I didn’t have was sleep. If I slept at all last night it was for an hour or two. I’d planned to get up bright and early and get a bunch of stuff done today. Instead, I slept in until 8am and had to play catch-up for the rest of the day. That said, I managed to:

  • Do some grocery shopping
  • Take the Little Man to school
  • Take the Kia in for its first scheduled maintenance
  • Write a couple of blog posts
  • Clean (and I mean scour!) all 9 interior window sills on the main floor of the house
  • Install a new smoke detector in the Little Miss’s room (with help of the Little Man)
  • Give the Little Man a bath
  • Do a little more reading for the next episode of my Vacation in the Golden Age (done entirely while waiting for the car to be serviced)

In fact, there were only two things on my list for today that I didn’t get done:

  1. Complete an outline for a story that I am working on
  2. Reorganize my Twitter lists

There’s still a chance I’ll have time to work on both of these this evening, but without much sleep last night, I’m pretty beat at this point. So I am going to assume that these two items will roll over onto tomorrow’s list. In addition to these two items, I also plan on completing the next Wayward Time Traveler column.

Like I said, I made an effort to catch-up after a poor start. I’d like to get back into getting up early and getting a whole bunch of things done early in the day. I always feel good when I am productive early in the day.


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