A typical winter vacation day in sunny Florida

What I’ve done so far today:

  1. Both kids slept through the night. Again. That means that we slept through the night, too. That is two nights in a row for me, something that hasn’t happened since well before the Little Miss was born. Maybe it’s the warm Florida air?
  2. The Little Man and I took an early morning walk. We walked over to the local grocery store to pick up some fresh bagels and some caffeine for Daddy. It is a little disconcerting to be walking outside at 8am on December 23 in shorts and a t-shirt, with the temperature already above 70 on your way to the store and approaching 75 on the way back home.
  3. Wished my friend Eric a happy Jack Benny birthday.
  4. Wrote two short blog posts right after breakfast. (Fresh bagels are yummy. Hear that, DeNardo?)
  5. Read Eric Frank Russell’s “Seat of Oblivion” in the November 1941 Astounding. But you’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out what I thought about it. That’s when Episode 29 of my Vacation in the Golden Age will come out.
  6. Ate a simple turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch.
  7. Read a Robert Reed novella, a Genevieve Valentine short story and a Gray Rinehart novelette while both kids slept. The Little Man is on the verge of setting a record. He has now been napping for more than 3 hours!

What I was suppose to do today:

  • Kelly and I had planned to take the Little Man shopping so that he could get some presents for various people. Because of his extended nap, we are now going to take him shopping first thing tomorrow morning. Stores open at 8am.

What I have yet to do today:

  1. Dinner at Doc’s Beach House. This is a tradition every time we come down here. Pizza and beer. Yum.
  2. See the Christmas lighting. Another tradition. We drive around a neighborhood all decorated with various lights and other appertenances of the holiday season.
  3. Fiction writing. This will have to likely wait until later today but I am determined to get in my 500 words today.

And there you have it. The kind of relaxing vacation day that I have come to relish as the season approaches. I look forward to several more of these kinds of days before the vacation is over


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