Back to writing, reading, and working on end-of-year posts

Looks like I am finally recovered enough to get back to writing today. I plan on getting a scene in before the day is out and I am looking forward to it. I’m also back to my Golden Age reading, currently working my way through a Malcolm Jameson yarn in the November 1941 Astounding.

I’m also trying to catch up on short fiction this month, which I’m rather far behind on. This morning I read Bruce McAllister’s and Barry Malzberg’s “Going Home” in the February 2012 Asimov’s and it was terrific! Looking forward to most of the stories in that issue. We head off on vacation in a few days and I plan to do my fair share of short fiction-reading while gone. A huge advantage to getting most of the major SF/F magazines in e-book format: I can take them all with me, dozens of them scattered throughout the year, and catch up on my reading–without overloading my suitcase.

I’m also getting started on several end-of-year posts, including things like:

  • Best fiction, long and short that I read in 2011
  • How did I measure up for my goals this year
  • Various posts on goals for next year (broken into separate posts for easier reference throughout the year)

And of course, at some point soon, I’ll be watching my first ever Dr. Who episode, “Blink” and be reporting on that as well.


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