I’m back! Did you miss me?

I had a very nice day away from the Internet yesterday. It was pleasant, for a change, not to check email or Twitter or Facebook or the blog. And when I finally went through the accumulated email and comments, there was nothing urgent awaiting my attention. I did have to make a small adjustment. I had my iPhone in my pocket, as I always do, and each time it buzzed to let me know a new message arrived, I was instinctively tempted to pull out the device and peek. So around 9am, I simply left the phone on the meeting table in my office and didn’t worry about it.

In other news, I completed the first draft of story #2 for 2012 yesterday. Today, I’ll start on the second draft of story #1 and also begin the first draft of story #3. (This could get complicated, I think.) Theoretically, from now going forward I should always be working on two things: new fiction every morning, and revisions every evening. We’ll see how it goes. The first draft of story #2 came in at 4,200 words, which was longer than I expected. Last night, I used Scrivener to compile the draft of story #1 to Kindle format and the story is now on my iPad, where I’ll read through it and start making notes.

Yesterday was the Little Miss’s third day at daycare and I think we finally have the dropoff-and-pickup routines down. We drop the Little Man off at school at 7am, and then take the Little Miss to daycare, after which we head into the office. Fortunately, the route is a fairly straight one, with minimal deviations to get where we are going. The same is true going in reverse in the afternoon.

Things should be back to normal around here for a while now. I don’t expect to take another day off the Internet until my birthday, which I always make an Internet-free day.


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