The Little Man and Daddy Soda

At home, I tend to drink Cherry Dr. Pepper. Kelly drinks Diet Dr. Pepper, or sometimes Diet Cherry Coke. In any case, the Little Man has long known which is which. He’ll see one and say “Mommy’s soda” and the other and say “Daddy’s soda.”

Last night, Kelly had a girl’s night and I was home with both kids, a rarity, but the fact that I am writing this post tells you I survived1. At one point, I had the Little Miss on my lap and the Little Man was watching TV. I was craving a soda, so I said, “Hey buddy, will you go get me a soda out of the refrigerator?”

“A daddy soda?” he asked.

“Yes please.”

“Okay.” He walked into the kitchen opened the fridge and I heard some fidgeting. Then I heard the door close and he came back into the TV room carrying in his hand a nice cold bottle of beer2. “Here’s a daddy soda!” he said proudly.

Well, I wasn’t going to disappoint him by turning down the beer. Instead I was about to ask him if he wanted to help me open it. Before I could get the words out, he said, “I’ll get an opener.” I wondered what it was he would bring back to me. A spoon? A fork?

He came back into the TV room with a bottle opener.

So I showed him how to open the bottle and he seemed very happy about that. And I thanked him for the beer daddy soda, of course, too. And just to show him how much I appreciated his thoughtfulness, I let him have another cookie.

Now that’s what I call a win-win situation.

  1. Barely, but that’s another story.
  2. There were bottles of Coors Light and Stella Artois in the fridge. I don’t drink Coors Light, but we keep it there because we have friends who do drink it. The Little Man brought me a Stella.


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