We are pretty liberal with the Little Man (who, by the way, turned 20 months old today). Occasionally, for instance, he wil point to the fountain soda that I am drinking and say, “Sip!” and usually, I’ll let him have a sip or two. This morning, we ran some errands together, the Little Man and I. We went to the car wash and then headed to McDonald’s drive-thru so that I could get a Coca-Cola.

When we got home, Kelly headed off to Target and the Little Man and I hung out in my office, he playing with his trains, and I catching up on various social media. After a few minutes, he wandered over to me, pointed to my soda and said, “Sip?” He added a big smile as punctuation. Well, who can resist that and it’s only one sip He is very cute when he sips from the straw. He smiles and says, “Ahhhhh!” when he’s finished, just like his old man.

We do try to teach him to be polite. So when he came over a few minutes later and said, “Sip?” I said, “Okay, you can have another sip, but you have to say ‘Please.'”

“Pleeeeease!” he said. I have him another sip.

A few minutes later he came over, pointed at the soda and said, “Sip?” and before I could say no, he added, “Pleeeeease!” I gave him another sip, but I told him that was it. Little boys shouldn’t have too many sips at 10am.

But you are way ahead of me. He came back a few minutes later and without even asking for a sip just smiled and said, “Pleeeeease!” Well, I didn’t want to discourage his polite behavior, so I gave him one more sip. Of course that just made him realize that saying “Pleeeeease” was an easy way to get what he wanted, so I finally had to say “no.” He wasn’t too happy about that.

But that’s okay. Kelly came home from the store with marshmallows, and the Little Man had his first one this morning.

That’s right, people, Coke and marshmallows before 10am.

Don’t judge. 😉


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