Capclave 2012: Sunday (Or A Quiet Morning In the Lobby)

I went to bed sometime after 1:30am Sunday morning but as usual, I was still up around 6:30. I tried to stay in bed, catching up on my RSS feed and other news. But I wanted some breakfast so I showered, dressed and headed to the hotel restaurant. The hotel lobby is relatively quiet on Sunday mornings of conventions. For some reason, when people are out partying late at night, or spending their entire days on panels, they are not prone to waking up with the sun.

I tried to use this time to my advantage. I update this blog. I caught up on Twitter and Facebook. And I even managed to write some fiction. I had quite a bit of time to kill. I wandered through the dealer’s room and had some lunch and finally, at 1pm, I attended my last panel.

The panel was called “How Many Years In the Business Before They Stop Calling Me a New Writer” and it was a good panel. It was moderated by Diana Peterfreund (who did a great job moderating, by the way) and the other panelists included Jennifer Pelland and Alan Smale. This was a fun, lively panel with a good audience and good audience participation. Hopefully we said things that they found useful.

When the panel was over it was my plan to head right home, but there was a crowd around the lobby television watching Felix Baumgartner’s space jump. I had to stop and watch that too. The jump was a success, and an apropos way of ending a science fiction convention.

I had a blast at Capclave. I love having a local convention of such high quality, with such good guests, panelist and attendees. And big props and thanks yous should go out to the folks who gave up a lot of time to plan it all and put it all together. And how about next year, with Capclave’s guests of honor include George R. R. Martin, Sharyn November, and Steve Stiles.


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