Offline Until March 31 – But Content Will Continue

My 2-week-long Internet vacation has begun. You can find most of the details here, but here is a brief recap of what my Internet vacation means for you:

  • Very little: I have one new post scheduled for every day of my vacation so folks who come here looking for something to read should find it.
  • The posts cover the usual gamut: technology, writing, science fiction, etc.
  • I am very pleased to have my friend, and fellow Analog writer, Juliette Wade guest posts during my vacation. She’s written a really terrific post. Those who want to see it will want to be sure to check back here on Monday, March 25.
  • My weekly Going Paperless posts will continue on their regular schedule during the two Tuesdays that I am on my vacation.

Here are few things that will be a little different while I am away from the Internet:

  • I won’t be checking my email with any regularity. Certain freelancing commitments requirement to check it periodically, but I’ve implemented a filter that moves all but specially identified messages into a holding folder. So even when I do check, I’ll only see messages that make it through that filter.
  • You may see email messages from me. In nearly every case, they have been pre-scheduled using Boomerang. When these messages go out, I’ve tried to indicate this in the signature.
  • I won’t be actively tweeting or updating Facebook. Any tweets or Facebook updates you see from me over the next two weeks are either automated (as when a scheduled blog post goes online) or are pre-scheduled using Buffer.
  • I won’t be replying to blog comments during my vacation. I will reply to them when I return from my vacation. I have adjusted the comment workflow so that anything that seems to be a legitimate comment will be automatically approved.

I won’t be 100% offline. I might go online to do research for a story, or to make a purchase, or something like that. But it will be only for short, specified tasks and certainly not any social media-related stuff.

What will I be doing? Writing, reading, hanging out with the family, working the day job, taking a mental break and otherwise going about my usual business. In the meantime, you should have plenty to keep you busy here.

I’ll see you on March 31, with a full report of how my Internet vacation went. Until then, have fun!


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