Exempli Gratia: What I Will Be Doing On My Internet Vacation

A few people have asked me what I will be doing on my Internet vacation (which starts tonight at midnight). I’ll be doing my usual. Writing, reading, working at the day job, and hanging out with the family. But if you are looking for a specific example I’ll give you two.

Yesterday, I brought home a balsa wood glider for the Little Man to play with. He loved it. He also broke it rather quickly. Kelly took him to a store this morning to get a replacement and for about an hour, while the weather was particularly pleasant, the Little Man and I were out in front of the house taking turns flying the plane and playing ari traffic control. The Little Miss joined in as well.

An even better example took place this afternoon. Kelly went out to lunch with friends so I was home with the kids. At some point, we all three went upstairs and put on some music. At first, the Little Man wanted to listen to the Superman theme, and we did that. Afterward, I put on some Bing Crosby. The Little Miss was sitting on my lap in the rail chair and the Little Man was on our bed. All three of us drifted pleasantly, listening to Bing croon. Eventually, we all fell asleep. The kids slept for nearly 2 hours with Bing playing in the background the whole time.

That is an almost perfect example of what I hope to be able to do more of on my Internet vacation.


  1. What’s fascinating about Internet vacations is that it pretty much means to “live like we did about 6 years ago”, which really wasn’t that long ago.

  2. there’s a part of me, some days it’s bigger than others, that waxes all nostalgically about when we weren’t always connected to the entire world. Especially as a writer, I occasionally wish I’d come of age before the explosion of social media (and I’ve actually had some writing success as a direct result of social media, so I realize it’s somewhat weird that I would think that).

    enjoy your time unplugged!

    1. David, keep you eyes open for the post I’ve got coming on the last day of my Internet vacation, March 30. It touches on this very subject. I was 7 years old in 1979 and I have vague memories of electric calculators being mysterious and fancy and banging away on my Grandfather’s (and now mine) Royal Quiet De Luxe manual typewriter. I’ve had the urge to set a story in the 1970s if only because I think it would be an interesting challenge to write a story set in a time when there were no cell phones, no household computers, no Internet as we know it, and now sprawling cable television. Maybe someday…

  3. I’ve read your thoughts on 11/22/63 recently, and I think part of the allure of the story is Jake’s chance to be in a world just like that, and the way he reacted to it.

    anyway, looking forward to your post on the subject!


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