Mother’s Day 2013

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and the kids got into it this year a little more than in past years. Kelly went out for a girls night Saturday and when she got home, both kids were asleep in their respective beds, a feat that I’ve now pulled off twice, on each of Kelly’s last two girls nights. I think this was a pretty good pre-Mother’s Day present and it also shows that I am improving1.

One thing the kids did before I got them to bed was to make a Mother’s Day card for Kelly. In the past, I’ve bought a card for them to “sign.” But this time, they made their own card, each of them decorating it in their unique fashions and the cooperated quite nicely while doing this. In the morning, when we were all awake, we gave Kelly her Mother’s Day cards and her Mother’s Day present. This year, I thought I’d come up with a rather clever present. A while back, Kelly directed me2 to a hilarious parenting blog she’d been reading, Crappy Pictures. Some time back, I noted that Amber Dusick, creator and proprietor of said blog came out with a book called Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. This is what we got for Kelly.

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

In the morning, the Little Man played in his first t-ball scrimmage game. It was held indoors, in the gymnasium, because the rains had made the ballfields muddy. He played one inning at first base, and another inning at shortstop and third base. He came to bat twice and I think on the whole, he had fun. It was the most engaged I’d seen him in t-ball so far.

Kelly picked where she wanted to go for brunch and we made advanced reservations, knowing how places book up on Mother’s Day. The place she selected: Bilbo Baggins, a small pub/restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. This was great! They had an amazing beer selection. They even had Old Speckled Hen on draft, so of course I had one of those. I also had their Wooky Jack Black IPA. And to eat, I had their Monte Cristo sandwich, which was very good, and came with an equally good salad.

Afterward, we walked around Old Town for a little while. The Potomac was a rich, muddy brown from all of the recent rains. I think that is my favorite look for that river. There is something about that muddy cast that makes me think of Mark Twain.

In the evening, after we’d all napped, we wrapped up our day with a walk around the park.

I think it turned out to be a nice Mother’s Day.

  1. Well, what it really shows is the result. It’s like looking at the book on the shelf in the bookstore without seeing all of the trashcans full of crumpled false starts and deleted scenes. It can get pretty chaotic trying to get both kids calmed down, ready for bed, and then into bed and finally asleep. But if the result is the appearance of suavity, I’m cool with that.
  2. I was going to say “turned me on to” but I was afraid that might have been misconstrued.


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