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I am asked from time-to-time if I have a donation jar on the blog. I don’t . I do this for the pure fun of it. That said, I am always at a loss on how to respond to people who make this inquiry. Since I’ve seen it happening more lately, I gave it a little thought and came up with what I think is a reasonable answer.

If you enjoy these posts, tell a friend. What writer does not want more readers? And in my mind, there is no better compliment a reader can pay a writer than to recommend what they write to others. So, no tip jar, no donation button, but if you like what you read here, and you are so inclined to do so, share it with others.

This, and future posts will contain the footer you see below as a little reminder. Thanks for reading!

Enjoy these posts? – Tell a friend

Recommending readers is one of the highest compliments you can pay to a writer. If you enjoy what you read here, or you find the posts useful, tell a friend!

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