REMINDER: Sundays , Unplugged

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am going to try to stay offline on Sundays for a while, and give myself a break from the Internet. Instead, anything you see today, like this post, has been pre-scheduled.

One of the things that I have done is topped off my Buffer for the day. Throughout the day, you’ll see tweets from me regarding stuff I’ve posted on throughout the week, as a kind of “week in review.” That way, if you’ve missed something, it might serve as a reminder. If you’ve seen it already, you can just ignore it.

I finished the first draft of my novella, “Strays,” yesterday, and I started on the second draft. I’m hoping to make more progress on that today. I also have a book review column to finish up and turn in, and some more prep work to do for a seminar I’ll be giving one week from tomorrow. So I’ve got plenty to keep me busy while I’m offline.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


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