An Addendum to My Post on Pocket and Evernote: Pocket vs. Web Clipper

One thing I left out of my recent Going Paperless post on using Pocket to keep Evernote clutter-free, is the distinction I make between using Pocket to capture information and using Evernote’s Web Clipper. I use both tools for different purposes.

When I use Pocket

  • Grabbing articles I don’t have time to read now and want to review later (usually not tagged in Pocket).
  • Grabbing research that I need to filter through before deciding what gets stored more permanently in Evernote (I will often tag these in Pocket).
  • Grabbing articles/posts I want to share (via Buffer) at some later point

Basically, all of this stuff gets staged in Pocket, and I review it (mostly on my iPhone) when I have time. Only those things I want to keep in more permanent form get sent on to Evernote. (Probably less than 5% of the total.)

When I use Evernote’s Web Clipper

  • Clipping a receipt from an online order
  • Clipping a confirmation page from an online transaction
  • Grabbing a screenshot I want to send directly to Evernote (although sometimes I will use Skitch).

I use the web clipper for stuff that I know is going to go into Evernote and which is easy to determine how it will get filed (receipts, confirmations, etc.) This is not stuff I save to read later, the way I do with Pocket. This is stuff I save for the “paperless” paper trail.

I probably should have included this in the post, but it slipped my mind at the time I was writing it.

One comment

  1. Thanks. I have Pocket, but have never used it until I read this post. I also have Skitch, but haven’t really figured out how to use it most effectively. My Evernote is packed full. I greatly appreciate your tips.


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