A Network Graph of My Blog Links

In an effort to demonstrate the power of network graph functions in Mathematica this morning, I used some code I found in a Wolfram Language demo to see what a network graph of the hyperlinks on my blog looks like. The code I used was this:

        Thread[# -> Import[# , "Hyperlinks"]] & /@ Last /@ #]] &, {"" -> 
       "http://www.jamierubin.net"}, 2]]]]

and that resulted in the following graph:

Blog GraphT

The main sphere is essentially all of the hyperlinks in the blog that point to other pages within the same network. The sphere “above” the surface of the large sphere are external links. This surprised me a little until I gave it some thought.

It turns out it is a pretty accurate representation. I have over 5,500 posts going back to late 2005. Many of my posts have link that refer to other posts. The result is that I link back more to earlier posts than I do to posts outside the blog.

What impressed me more is the power of symbolic programming. That line of code above is relatively simple, but it produced a complex network graph. It took a little while to run on my iMac. I walked away and shoveled snow for 20 minutes and when I came back, it had finished. It is a good example of the power and elegance of a symbolic language like the Wolfram Language.


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