More Things Before 10 am Than Dreamt of In Your Philosophy

I am mostly offline this weekend, Getting Things Done. I was up early this morning, even for a Saturday, even considering the kids who usually wake us by 6:30, so that I could get to Home Depot before it got crowded.

I picked up 10 bags of mulch, some Scotch Guard, and door bell wire. Came home, and put the new mulch down, then fixed the wiring for the doorbell, which has been broken for over a year. Then Scotch-Guarded the new sofa. All successful, all before 10 am.

Kelly and I left the kids with their grandparents (who are in town for a visit) and went to the store to shop for Easter dinner. We decided to forgo the ham this year and instead got a nice salmon, some asparagus, mashed potatoes, some nice ciabatta. I’ll grill the salmon and asparagus tomorrow.

I cleaned up some stuff in the office, and I still have some writing to do later today, but I’d say that this has been a very productive day. I knocked for big things off my to-do list before 10 am, and that felt good.

While we stood and line at BJs, the nice couple in line ahead of us told us we could skip ahead as we had very few items.

“Aw, that’s okay,” I said, “we’re not in a rush. The grandparents are watching the kids, so this is a little break for us.”

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!


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