Original Thoughts

Yesterday, I had this thought and decided to share it, thinking I was being both original and clever.

According to ThinkUp, it was a pretty popular Tweet for me:

Popular Tweet ThinkUp

and it drew a lot of response, certainly more than I usually get for any one tweet. Someone made the connection to the fact that instead of using the #amwriting hashtag, I’ve been going with the #iwrote hashtag. I responded that was exactly why I did it. At the same time, I offered that I couldn’t complete credit for it:

I couldn’t remember the exact context of how this came up with Joanna, but she chimed in and reminded me.

When I went to see the link she’d pointed me to, what I saw was this, from back in December:

And thus I was reminded of one thing and learned another:

  1. I am not nearly as original or clever as I like to think I am.
  2. Joanna Castle Miller deserves all of the credit for any insight and cleverness in yesterday’s tweet. But blame me if you found it unclever or annoying.

I really did think I had an original thought yesterday, and I was disheartened to learn that (a) I didn’t, and (b) I basically stole an original thought Joanna had. I’m sorry about that. Fortunately, making mistakes is how I learn best.


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