My Root Beer Deliciousness Scale

I said this on Twitter yesterday,

What followed was rather amusing. One friend asked me to clarify what I meant by “hot” weather. Two of my friends asked for some sort of graphical representation of my claims, knowing my penchant for data and charts. I accepted the challenge. I therefore present my Root Beer Deliciousness Chart for your perusal. This chart is based on decades worth of observations and I stand by it, although it may or may not be to scale.

Root Beet Deliciousness Chart
Root Beer Deliciousness Chart

And before you ask, yes, I’ve already checked and it looks like we’ll break 85º F again today. I can already taste that cold, cold root beer. Assuming I survive my dentist appointment later this morning.


  1. Coming from England my initial reaction was to interpret your graph in Centigrade, rather than Fahrenheit. As you can imagine, I was somewhat puzzled until I realised my mistake, and it all made sense.

  2. This is hilarious. I am a huge fan of root beer, so I might break with you on the temperature axis. I can drink that tasty root beverage year around; but I tend to agree that it tastes better as the temperature rises. Cheers!


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