A Quick Check-In from Disney World

The first leg of our vacation is complete, and the second leg has just started. We left the house Saturday morning, and drove to Florence, South Carolina, which is our usual first night stopping point. We did the entire 403 mile drive making only one stop, in large part because the kids were entertained and well-behaved. According to my Automatic Link data, the first leg was 182 miles, and took us just over 3 hours.

First Leg

That was  impressive, but the second leg was even more impressive, at 218 miles and hitting 31 MPG (not bad for the Kia Sorento):

Second Leg

We spent Saturday night in South Carolina, and then drove down to St. Augustine, Florida on Sunday. We wandered around the old town Sunday evening. This morning, we made our way to Orlando and arrived at the Disney World resort around noon. We spent the afternoon wandering around Downtown Disney, had an excellent dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, and then returned to the resort, and walked around the grounds to get some air. The sun set just as we completed our walk.

Coronado Sunset

The drive was good for audiobooks. I listened to more than 10 hours of Will Durant’s Caesar and Christ on the way down. I also managed to write 600+ words on the first night of vacation, and another 1,000 words last night. And as soon as I get this post finished up, I’ll be tackling my writing for this evening.

So far, vacation has been great. A lot of driving, but most of that is over now for a couple of weeks. Everyone is having a good time, the weather is great, and I feel far more relaxed than I felt on Friday.

We are here through Thursday, and then we head down south to the gulf coast for the rest of our vacation, before we begin the long drive back home.


  1. Sitting here in Raleigh and wondering if you’ve ever taken the AutoTrain with Amtrak. Looks awesome, but is it too expensive?


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