What Blogs Should I Be Reading?

As I work on settling in back here (boy, it feels good to be back!), I am looking for good blogs to read. I recently did a massive purge of my RSS feeds on Feedly mostly because I was completely ignoring most the stuff accumulating there. What remains is a sampling of the types of blogs I tend to enjoy.

Feedly Feeds

I like blogs that intersect disparate areas. It doesn’t matter much what the areas are, although my current feed seems to be heavy on tech and culture. Really, any two areas coming together would be interesting. Some examples in the current feed: the intersection of design and culture (Subtraction.com); the intersection of tech and culture (GitHub blog); the intersection of writing and tech, or tech and productivity. You get the idea.

So I’m opening it up to suggestions. Given these meager requirements, how would you populate my RSS feed? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and I’ll follow up in a few days after I’ve had a chance to check out some of them.


  1. Sorry that I am not giving you an answer, but I just had to point out that one thing I’ve always loved about this blog is that it covers writing and productivity/technology. Although you know your contents more than anyone 🙂

    Thanks for coming back to this blog.

  2. Seems there are three ‘The Pen Addict’ feeds. Which one are you following, NockCo co-founder, Brad Dowdy’s stationery blog, or the analog tool podcast?

  3. Have you ever looked at Charlie Strauss’s blog at antipope.org?
    An incredibly wide ranging blog, sometimes with guest bloggers.

    1. I used to read Charlie’s blog years ago after I’d met him a few times at various conventions. I haven’t looked at it in quite a while, so maybe it’s time to take another look. Thanks for the recommendation.


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