The New Dining Room Table

Over the weekend, the family headed out to a furniture store to browse the dining room sets they had. Our existing dining room table was small, and well, we wanted a table that didn’t come from Ikea. We browsed tables, found one we liked, did some research, and then ordered the table. That table was delivered today, in plenty of time for Thanksgiving next week.

New Dining Room Table

I have this imaginary chart in my head. There are three columns in the chart. The first is an action or event, the second is “Childish” and the third is “Grownup.” Tick-marks in the “Childish” column tend to out-number the “Grownup” column by 10-to-1 or so, depending upon who you ask. But getting that dining room table, well, that felt very grownup of us, and I put a mental tick mark in the “Grownup” column as I drove into the office this morning.


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