Our Vacation, So Far

Popping in quickly to report that so far, our vacation is going just swimmingly. And we have, in fact, gone swimming several times so far. Today was our second full day at the Disney World parks, and the second day we spent around 12 hours at the parks. If there is one thing the trip has taught me is that I am no longer a teenager. When I was young, I wanted to stay at the Disney parks as late as possible, and dreaded the ride back home, or the hotel. Now, by the time dinner rolls around, I’m daydreaming about slipping under the covers, and giving my aching feet a rest.

We’ve lucked out with weather. We left Virginia behind in the low 20s. Then the weather there got worse. Meanwhile, it’s been warm, humid, and mostly sunny here in Orlando. Looks like things will cool off a bit tomorrow, but with a high of 75 °F, I’m not complaining.

I’ve made quite a few interesting observations over the course of the trip so far, and you can expect to find them on the blog in the coming weeks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my vacation activities–which at this particular time means getting to bed.


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