Thoughts After a Long Day of Driving

Forgive the short post but I am mentally drained. I spent 9 hours driving today, and have another 8 hours or so of driving tomorrow to go.

While I drive, I listen to audio books and think thoughts. On the drive today I finished up George Dyson’s excellent book Turing’s Cathedral. I also got through most of Cal Newport’s newest book A World Without Email. Tomorrow, I’ll turn my attention to Alan Turing.

Here are a few things on my mind:

  • I peeked at my work email. I didn’t mean to, since I am on vacation, but I sort of did it by accident. I learned that people have scheduled 6 meetings with me for when I am back on Wednesday, including 4 between 11 am – 1 pm.
  • My Python code could be more efficient than it is. I tend to go for speed, to get something working quick and dirty, rather than look for elegant solutions. But I appreciate elegant solutions.
  • Remember when hotels had stationary in the desk drawer? Even before COVID?
  • The Easter Mass this year took 40 minutes. Is it me, or does that seems unusually fast?
  • What does it mean to be productive? I’ll be writing more about this at some point.
  • Isn’t it strange how some hour-long meetings feel like they last a week, but a week-long vacation feels like it lasts an hour?
  • Isaac Asimov died 29 years ago today.

Back home later this afternoon!


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