Declaring “To-Do” Bankruptcy

It would be nice if we could decide one day to declare to-do list bankruptcy. We would just admit to ourselves that the stuff on our to-do list is never going to get done. We’d toss the list away and start fresh. I was thinking about this today because I have a lot of things to do and it seems the list is never-ending.

  • I have some focused development work I need to do this morning that probably requires a large chunk of time. Alas, there is no large chunk of time on my schedule to today. I could push off to tomorrow, however…
  • At 11 am I have my second COVID vaccine. Kelly got her second vaccine yesterday and today, she doesn’t feel great. I plan on working this weekend, but if I am not feeling great tomorrow, it is probably not the best time for focused development work.
  • There is a security light on corner of the house that is out. I need to replace the bulb. First I have to take out the old bulb and figure out what kind it is so that I know what to replace it with. Then I have to go find a replacement. Finally, I have to install the replacement. It involves getting the ladder out from behind the shed. This has been on my list for a while, but it’s not going to get done any time soon.
  • I need to get the deck furniture back out on the deck, and put up the deck tent. I was supposed to do that this past weekend, but it was raining and I didn’t want to do it in the rain.
  • My office could use a new desk. The Little Man got a new desk in his room yesterday (a new “used” desk) and it reminded me that I have been wanting a new desk for some time now. But replacing the desk is more than just picking out a new one. It usually has to be put together. I have to dismantle the old desk, which is going to involve a lot of messing with the cables behind the old desk. Since I want to do it right, I need a lot of time to do it, and I don’t have that right now.
  • While I am redecorating my office, I could use a new office chair. The one that I have had for around 8 years now is beginning to fall apart.
  • And I still want those French door installed between my office and the living room. I suppose I’ll get around to that someday.
  • The siding of the house above my office windows could use a power wash. That means getting hold of a power wash machine, and getting the ladder out from behind the shed, etc. etc.
  • I went through my first ink cartridge for my new fountain pen in just under a month. It’s been suggested that I should use bottled ink instead, which means I need to order the ink, and then figure out how to get it into the pen. I also need to watch a video on how to properly clean the pen. I think that one will be on my to-do list for a while.
  • The ants are back in the kitchen so the next time I am at the grocery store, I need to get some more ant traps.
  • I have a dozen or so post ideas that need to be written up at some point. A few of these require considerable thought and planning. I fear that the more work they require, the longer it will be before I get to them.
  • I need to order a new trash can from the county as ours is damaged and keeps filling up with water.
  • The fireplace needs to be cleaned out. I’ve been meaning to do that for the last month. I look at it every morning and tell myself that I’ll get to it today. Well, I figure I’ll get to it today.

I just made the mistake of glancing at the to-do list for work. That list is even longer and I was hoping to use this weekend to catch up on some of ti, but I suppose it will depend on how I feel tomorrow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just chuck the list and start from scratch? I think that is exactly what I am going to do. In fact, I just wrote the following to-do item at the bottom of my to-do list:

“Declare To-Do bankruptcy.”

I’ll get to that item just as soon as I get to the hundred or so items that come before it on the list.



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