Some Notes for a Sunday

A few notes for a Sunday:

  • I am exhausted this morning from a combination of events. It’s like a perfect storm of parenting: (1) I’ve been working all weekend (to say nothing of all week) getting ready for a big software rollout on May 3. (2) I have now gone a week without caffeine. Yes, I’ve given it up again. I was desperate for a good night’s sleep and this just shows the level of my desperation. (3) The Littlest Miss kept us up last night with a rare full-out temper tantrum.
  • The temper tantrum was the result of us now allowing her to climb into bed with us until she had actually slept in her own bed for a few hours. She grew ferocious. She would scream “I want mommy!” and then make a guttural sound that reminded me of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. I turned to Kelly at one point and whispered, “After one of those screams and groans, I expect to here her cough ‘Gollum–gollum!'” That made both of us laugh, and I find it difficult to face a hysterical child when I am laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes.
  • So I didn’t sleep much. I finally got to sleep around 3 am and slept in until 7 am. Which means I am exhausted today, but I still have a full day of work ahead of me.
  • I started the day with a long walk to try to wake myself up, since I couldn’t turn to several doses of caffeine. I listened to The Soul of a New Machine as I walked. When I got back, I was awake, but felt no less tired.
  • The Little Man (no longer so little) and I got haircuts this morning. We were both in desperate need.

All of this is to say that I don’t have much to write here for you today. I have plenty of ideas, but I am too tired and too strapped for time to get you a decent post this morning.

That said, if you insist on having a decent post, I urge you all to head over to Melanie Novak’s blog and check out her post “The Posse Turns 40.” This post resonated with me, perhaps because at the end of this year, my own high school crew will turn fifty.

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