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Well it crept up on me, and I didn’t notice it until this evening: Yesterday’s Practically Paperless post was my 7,000th post on the blog. This morning’s post on my favorite baseball books was my 7,001st. Seven thousand posts! It’s hard to imagine that I’ve written that much here, but the evidence is right in front of me. The 7,000 post combine for 2,782,000 words. This, of course, is spread over 16 years between October 2005 and today. Still, that’s an average of around 174,000 words per year. Some years have been better than average. In my best year, 2011, I wrote 419,000 words spread over 762 posts, or just about two per day that year. 2021 is my 6th best year in terms of word count: 225,000 words spread over 348 posts–and we are only partway through October.

I don’t think 7,000 posts is like getting 2,456 hits or hitting more than 700 home runs. I’m sure there are blogs out there that have a lot more posts than I do here. Still, I’m proud of this milestone. Each post is an opportunity for me to write for an audience. Each post is an opportunity to learn and improve my craft. Each post is an opportunity to connect with readers. I love doing all three.

So I am having myself a (very) little celebration this evening, congratulating myself on managing to write 7,000 posts, and for keeping this blog going these last 16 years. And I’m already putting together a list of the next 7,000 posts to write. If you look closely at the image above, you’ll see there are already 10 in the drafts folder, waiting to be scheduled.

Thanks for reading and for making this so much fun.

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