Burned Through the Backlog

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I am writing this post about 45 minutes before you will read it. It is the first time I’ve done that in nearly 6 months, and the main reason is that I’ve burned through my backlog of scheduled posts. There are several reasons for this.

First, I have spent the last month writing a new story. As of this morning, I am one scene away from completing the second draft of the story, and I hope to start the third (and final) draft later this week. The new story has grown hand-in-hand with a new morning routine. The time that I used to spend writing blog posts is now being used to work on the story.

Second, other time has been hard to come by. We have had a busy May and June. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school there are multiple kids’ activities. Saturdays and Sundays are also filled with activities: soccer games, gynmastics events, and countless birthday parties. All of the kids’ friends, it seems, were born in May or June. So I haven’t had much excess time to sit and write more posts.

Third, I apparently have a limited reservoir of creativity, at least at the moment. When I was writing every day for the blog, that creativity was spent there. Now that I am working on fiction, it is spent on the story. What that means is that even when I find some time to write a post for the blog, I haven’t felt the desire to write.

Put all of this together and it explains how I managed to burn through a backlog of nearly 3 weeks worth of posts, and how I find myself rushing to get this one written before my usual 8 am publishing time.

I’m not overly concerned about this. The new schedule I have for the blog (new posts on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Sundays) is easier on me than trying to have a new post every day. I’ll get this post out this morning, for instance. I plan to carve out an hour tomorrow to write a couple of more posts, and that will allow me to begin building up my backlog again. My goal is to have 2-3 weeks worth of posts in reserve at any given moment. I just need to work my way back there.

Written on June 14, 2022 (at 7:30 am Eastern time).

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