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Lakeside reading

I headed up to Buddy Attick lake in Greenbelt this morning before 10 AM and spent about 2 hours at the lakeside finishing up A Canticle For Leibowitz. What an ending! It was nice out there on the lake, not too hot. I sat out in the sun for a while before moving to the other side of the lake where I sat on a shaded bench. It was peaceful up there, no too many people, and very relaxing.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store to do my shopping for the week. I made some lunch when I got home and put away all of the groceries. Now it’s time for me to clean the house–something I have been putting off for a while, but something which really needed to be done. My reward, later this afternoon, is to sit out in the front yard and get started on Flowers For Algernon.

It’s in the mail!

“Graveyard Shift” is in the mail. It was the single most expensive story I have ever sent out, mainly because it was so long. It weighted just over 20 ounces and cost something over $4 to send off. But it’s on it’s way!

I got a haircut this morning, and then headed up to Attick park to sit by the lake and read. I started Ray Bradbury’s Driving Blind and got through three enjoyable stories before it got too hot and muggy for me to continue sitting out there.

I’m going to make some lunch and then get started on the next story, which I have been thinking about all morning. At some point, I need to get the house cleaned up a bit, but I don’t want to put off starting this next story for too much longer.

Summer cleaning, part 2

Well, the front and back yards have been mowed, I trimmed ivy and bushes and bamboo and branches. I’ve vacuumed the house, cleaned the dishes, done three loads of laundry, and emptied all of the trash. I still have to clean up the kitchen, dust the furniture, and mop the floors. I also have some grocery shopping to do. But first, I need a shower!

Here’s the “after” picture of the backyard, following it’s crew cut. Much better, right?

I’m off to the shower, then the grocery store, and then I’ll finish up the chores. Dad gets into Union station at 6 PM, which means he won’t be here until close to 7 PM. I may even have some time to squeeze in some cardio at the gym between now and then.

Summer cleaning

Today is a big cleaning day, a chance for me to catch up on chores that have been blatently ignored for too long now. Fortunately, I managed to get a pretty good night’s sleep last night, and woke up this morning feeling better than I felt after that horrible allergy attack yesterday.

Among the things I have to do today: clean the kitchen, mop the floors, vacuum the entire house, dust the furniture (so that the entire place smells like Pledge), get rid of trash and run a bunch of laundry. In addition to that, I have to mow the lawn, which is somewhat overgrown right now, especially in the backyard, because I have ignored it for too long. In fact, this is what the backyard looks like at this moment:

It’s so thick, that I’ll probably have to bag the grass as I cut it or I won’t be able to get through it all, even with the new mower. So with all of this, you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me today. Hopefully I can manage to get it all done before Dad arrives later this afternoon.

Yanks are winning, so off to bed

I watched the Yankee game through 4-1/2 innings and now that they are winning 6-2, I think it’s safe for me to head off to bed. I have to be up at 4:30 AM for a 6 AM session with Bernard so I need to get some sleep tonight. Hopefully the Yanks can maintain their lead.

I spoke with vickyandnorm and found out that they set a date for their wedding (a location, too) and I am looking forward to it this coming spring. They have got a lot going on in this next half year, but they are also about to head off to Italy for a vacation. Have you guys brushed up on your Roman history?

I’ve got a softball game after work tomorrow and that means tomorrow is going to be a long day. I’m still not convinced I’ve got my revised eating habits down yet. I’m supposed to be eating 5-6 meals a day, but I find that I’m not hungry 5-6 times a day. I’ll talk to Bernard about that tomorrow. In addition, I’ve got a fair amount of programming to do, I need to find time to cut the grass, clean the house, get a haircut and do some grocery shopping. I wouldn’t mind sneaking off to Italy right about now.

We all fall down!

I spent a good portion of the day today cleaning house. I vacuumed, dusted, swept, mopped, scrubbed, you name it. I even cleaned the inside and outside of all of the windows. Today was also the first warm and humid day of the year, reaching well into the 80s with humidity to boot. It was the conjunction of floor mopping and humidity that caused the accident.

I was in my office when I heard my phone buzzing out in the kitchen. I was expecting a call, so I dropped what I was doing to ran to the kitchen, the floor of which I had mopped several hours earlier. As soon as my foot touched the kitchen floor, it went out from under me, and I tumbled back, knocking down a chair, knocking my phone on the floor, and landing on my elbow.

Luckily, neither chair, floor, phone or elbow was seriously injured. It was the first time I had taken a dive like that in years.

I pieced it together later. The high humidity made it almost impossible for the floor to dry quickly and what, in winter, takes a short time to dry, today took hours. It was the slick floor that caused me to slip, and therefore, my misplaced desire to clean the house it to blame.

As a follow-up to my lawn mowing earlier in the week, I filled up on gas and prepared to mow the back yard today. And wouldn’t you know it, after praising my lawn-mower to the skies earlier in the week, I couldn’t get it to start today. Maybe it was the humidity.

Lots to do this weekend

I’ve got a number of things that I need to do this weekend:

  • First and foremost: Get a haircut! (I need one badly)
  • Get more cat food for Zeke; I’ve still got some left, but I need to stock up
  • Get through at least 200 more pages of Gotham (I’m in a race to finish by one week from today)

I’m forgetting something, I know I am. But that’s the list for starters.

Early to bed, early to rise

I was pretty tired last night, and as much as I wanted to get through more of Gotham, I ended up turning out the light at around 9 PM. So it was no surprise that I was pretty much wide awake at 7 AM.

I spent the early part of the morning doing some more house cleaning, and then I went out and did some major grocery shopping. Now that’s done and once I shower, I can finally relax for a little while and read. Rich and Tricia are coming down later today, early afternoon probably.

It’s actually a beautiful day here, although a little on the cool side compared to last weekend. Clear blue skies, nice breeze. We may be heading downtown today and it’s really a great day for it.

Chore day

Lots to do today. It’s time again to clean the house up. I need to vacuum, clean the bathroom, dust, mop floors, etc. There is also laundry to do and trash to take out. And, of course, I need to get my hair cut.

Once that stuff is done, can relax a bit, and read more of Gotham. I am going to try to finish up “The Graveyard Shift” this weekend, and I also want to read, “Inclination” in Asimov’s. So I should probably get myself out of bed and get started.

Happy birthday, Dan!

Lots to do today

I have a lot to do today in preparation for my trip to L.A. My neighbors are going to be watching house and checking in on Zeke while I’m gone so that much is already taken care of.

I did get started up again on exercises this morning. I started out with 25 pushups after getting out of bed. That means 26 tomorrow.

I have one more load of laundry to do, but can get that done a little later today as I won’t actually pack things up until this evening.

Among the things that I do need to get done today:

  • Clean the kitchen
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Vacuum the house
  • Clean off the kitchen table (lots of mail scattered across the table that needs to be organized)
  • Take out trash
  • Pack for the trip

With respect to the latter, I haven’t decided yet if I am going to bring both my work laptop and my iBook with me or not. I’m leaning toward both at the moment, but we’ll see. It’s a lot to lug around through the airport.

I also want to finish reading The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress today. I’ve got about 100 pages to go and I’m pretty sure I can finish it up today, although that might take time away from getting the chores done. That’s always the problem. Not only that, but it’s a beautiful day today, clear skies, very light breeze, and the temperature is near 60 degrees! 60 degrees on January 28! I’m thinking about pulling the chair out into the front yard and reading outside for a few hours.

Anyway, lots to do, and I’m feeling lazy. Perfect combination.

Winter cleaning?

Upon awakening this morning, I was overcome by the sudden and unexpected need to clean the house. And I mean clean. I went at it for several hours and it’s still not all done, although I made a fair amount of progress. Such was my sickness, that I moved and vacuumed under my bed. And I got rid of stuff. A lot of stuff. the more stuff I got rid of, the more I wanted to get rid of even more stuff. Fortunately, trash pickup is tomorrow (since today was a holiday). There is line of trash bins, and boxes in front of my house. It felt good, though, like getting a short haircut after allowing your hair to grow a little too long. Or mowing the lawn in the spring after being out of town for two week.