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I don’t need your civil war

[Posted on Monday, October 22]

Today, Kelly and I went up to Gettysburg with AJ and Denisse. We picked AJ and Denisse up from the P.G. Plaza metro station at about 10:30 AM and hit the road. The drive to Gettysburg took us about 90 minutes and it was a lot of fun. We passed through some farm land and of course, the leaves are now changing so we managed to catch glimpses of riotous colors (though probably not as nice as what people are seeing further north).

We’re off on the road to Gettysburg

Down to Williamsburg

We headed to Williamsburg, Virginia today. I’d been there once before back in 2003, but never had a chance to visit any of the historical sites which is what we planned to do this weekend. We planned to take our time and we didn’t even leave until close to 1 PM. Before that, Kelly and I watched the Star Wars episode of Family Guy. She hadn’t seen it and I think she thought it was just as funny as I did.

When we finally got underway, I realized that I’d left my iPod at work, and since that’s what we use to plug into the car radio to listen to music, our first stop was my office. I ran in, grabbed the iPod and we continued our drive down to Williamsburg. The total distance is over 200 miles and we made good time. It really helps to have the GPS for drives like these, where you don’t know where you are going, because you don’t have to worry. The GPS directs you. We arrived at the hotel sometime around 4 PM, had a short wait because our room wasn’t quite ready yet. Once we were all checked in, our first order of business was to find someplace to get a quick bite to eat to tide us over to dinner. We checked the GPS for nearby food, found a Subway, and headed over there. We had 6 inch subs which were perfect.

On the drive down, Kelly was in charge of the music. At one point, she put on a clip from Bill Cosby Himself, the one about “Chocolate Cake”. She’d never heard it before and thought it was funny. In an odd coincidence, after we got back from Subway, we put on the TV and HBO was showing Bill Cosby Himself so we got to watch most of it. In fact, we headed to the fitness center to workout and Kelly put it on the TV there. I discovered that it’s hard to workout and laugh at the same time. Since I missed my arms and shoulders workout yesterday, I made it up today. (I kept a record of how much I lifted but don’t have it sitting nearby so I’ll report it next time.) While working out, I managed to break the armband holder for my iPod.

Somewhere around 8 PM, we headed out for dinner. We didn’t even have to drive. There was a seafood place just down the street and that’s where we went for dinner. Naturally, we both had seafood. In fact, I ordered twin Maine lobster tails, which were pretty darn good. I hadn’t had lobster since the cruise in July, and the lobster on the ship was not done in the way that I like it. This made up for that.

Tomorrow, we spend the day in Colonial Williamsburg.

A visit to Albany, day 1

Yesterday, after dropping Zeke off at the vet, I got on the road to head up to Albany to visit strausmouse and rmstraus. I was on the road by 8:20 AM and made surprisingly good time. In fact, I’d covered the entire 360 mile drive in under 6 hours and arrived at Eric and Ryane’s at about 2:15 PM. The new GPS worked great. I didn’t use Eric’s directions, and instead, followed what the nav unit told me and it got me to their house without trouble. There was no traffic at all, which helped.

Once there, I met little Damian for the first time, and what a cutie he is! He is energetic, but quiet. He smiles and laughs. All told, he is very much the way Eric describes him. I got to see Cali, too, who was her usual calm self. Ryane and Damian and Cali and I hung out until Eric got home from work. Once Eric was home, I helped him out with some computer-related stuff (like setting up his webcam) and then we headed out for dinner. We went to a Vietnamese place that they like and it was terrific. I don’t remember the name of what I ordered, but it was the same thing that Eric had and it was great! Especially the spring rolls and the sauce that they use. It was also way more than I could eat so there were plenty of left-overs.

We have about half the day to hang out today and then I head down to Stony Point, New York, to spent some time with vickyandnorm.

To Nanuet

I ended up leaving for Nanuet at 1:15 PM and I didn’t get to Norm and Vicky’s until 7 PM, almost 6 hours later! I hit about an hours worth of traffic in Delaware, where several lanes were shut down for construction. And I hit about another hour’s worth of traffic in Newark.

But I got here, and shortly after I arrived, Norm, Vicky, and I headed out to get some dinner. On the way, we stopped to do a few errands (an art supply store where Norm bought some carvable pumpkins and a Radio Shack where Vicky got a new Sirius radio to replace one that had broke). We then headed over to Ruby Tuesdays at the Nanuet Mall for dinner.

When we got back to their house, we spent the rest of the evening watching wedding video samples (and making fun of them), and an episode of CSI Miami (making fun of that). Eric and Ryane are coming down tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening is “game night”.

Harpers Ferry

As I mentioned earlier, we headed to Harpers Ferry today. It is the first time that either me or Dad has been to West Virginia, or up into the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was very quaint there where the rivers come together. And not too crowded either (although we got there as a tour bus managed to bottom out while turning into a parking lot, and ended up blocking the street).

Some pictures

To Harpers Ferry

Dad wanted to go someplace “historic” while here this weekend, so in a little while, we’ll be heading off to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. I’ve never been to West Virginia before, so it will be another state that I can check off the list. Also, Harpers Ferry is supposed to be a very pretty town, nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains where the rivers meet. It’s only a little over an hour away from here. Should be fun.