Heading home

We were up early again today, Memorial Day 2008, but we lazed around a bit before heading down to breakfast. After breakfast, we took another walk around the perimeter of the resort. Then we found a shady place to sit on the porch, and climbed into some rocking chairs to relax for a little while. We were both sore from the horseback riding yesterday and the rocking chairs were hard so they weren’t completely comfortable. We decided instead to head to the gym.

I didn’t want to do a full strength workout; the gym wasn’t really equipped for the kind of workout I would have done. So I did an abbreviated core workout. We were at the gym for about 45 minutes or so. It felt good.

We packed, had our luggage brought downstairs, checked out and then waited about 15 minutes for the valet to bring the car (everyone, it seemed, was leaving at the same time we were). And then, at about 11:40 AM, we got on the road and took a leisurely drive back to Washington, D.C. We stopped at a Burger King for lunch. We cut across route 211 on the way back, avoiding a lot of the trucks on I-81. 211 was empty and it went through gorgeous farmland and forested mountains; in fact, we drove right past Skyline Drive.

We were back at Kelly’s around 4:30 PM and I headed home close to 6 PM. It was tough separating after such a wonderful, exciting weekend, but we’ll be seeing each other again on Wednesday.


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