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Any given Sunday

For such a productive day, I’ve felt pretty darn lazy today.  Maybe it’s the 95 degree temperatures and 95% humidity.

I slept in a little later than usual, but we didn’t got to bed until around midnight last night anyway, so time-wise, it was pretty standard.  But I did sleep well.

We had our dance lesson this morning at 10:30.  It was a private lesson and it went surprisingly well.  We brought with us our First Dance Song (yes, we narrowed our list down in time) and Lauren determined the best kind of dance to go along with the song.  She taught us the basic steps, and some basic dance principles, like how to lead, etc.  She showed us some additional moves we could throw in, showed us how some simple things could make it look more clean, and then showed us how to do a proper entrance and exit.  The whole thing took an hour, but we both felt more confident coming out.  We need to practice, but we have four weeks to clean things up and smooth the rough edges.  And you know what?  It was fun!

After the dance lesson, we headed over to the Men’s Wearhouse so that I could get a new suit.  See, my old dark suit no longer fits me properly.  Perhaps because it’s just over 7 years old.  I need a good formal (dark) suit for the honeymoon cruise, so we decided to go get a new one.  After looking at several options, I finally settled on a dark Calvin Kline Kenneth Cole suit.  I was fitted, and I should have the suit one week from Monday.

We stopped at Pet Smart to get a new scratching post for Zeke, and then we headed over to a nearby Mexican Restaurant, Don Pablo’s for lunch.  After lunch we came back home and since then, things have been incredibly lazy.  In fact, I ended up napping for a while this afternoon.  Kelly is at the gym at the moment, and I am going to do some more reading.  It’s really too hot to do anything else.

Good writing progress

We headed to Tyson’s Corner this morning to pick up Kelly’s wedding ring, which had come yesterday.  This time, it fit perfectly.  We stopped at Cinnabon so that I could eat something.  And we stopped at Banana Republic for Kelly to do some dress shopping (and I got a shirt).  Then it was back home, where Kelly had a quick lunch and headed out to Annapolis with Sarah.

I spent the afternoon alone.  I did some reading, more of The Ghost Brigades.  I watched an episode of The Office.

And I wrote.

I worked on my workshop story and it is all falling into place.  The tips that the workshop group gave me have helped immensely and the story, which had been a kind of gel, has solidified in my head.  I found when I was writing today that I was much more conscious of the elements of story-telling that we’d been covering in the workshop.  I wrote more slowly, but I was very happy with what I wrote, and I left off knowing exactly where things pick up next time, and I’m eager to move forward.

Kelly was home around 6 or so.  I headed to the gym at around 7:30 and did a quick workout, 20 minutes of cardio.  My knee acted up and I stopped after 20 minutes.  Around 8:30, we headed to Carpool to meet up with a bunch of people for Jesseca’s birthday.  We drove around for a while looking for parking, but found nothing.  So we ended up parking at the Balston Mall.  We spent about 90 minutes at the bar before coming home.

On tap tomorrow, a dance lesson…

More bike drama

I got a bike pump this afternoon when I got home from work. I pumped up the rear tire, and adjusted the front brakes. Everything was perfect. I rode my bike around the back street here just to make sure everything was good. All seemed good. But then, it felt like I had a rock in my back tire. I stopped to check. It was flat again. And this time, there was a sizable screw pierced through the tire and into the tube. How’s that for luck! It seems that with my bike, I’m screwed! So now I need to go and get a new tube for the tire. And also, the new bike computer doesn’t seem to be working. Murphy got his fair share on this one!

Once I was done with the bike, I headed to the grocery store to do some shopping. Kelly called to let me know she was on the way home and I headed over to Pentagon City to pick her up from work (and brought her some flowers too!)

Got a little more reading done early this evening and may try for some more now. Still not feeling 100% but I took some medicine a little while ago. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight than last night.

Poker night and productive Saturday

We were out late last night, at Todd and Jen’s for our second poker night. We arrived there right about 8:30 and we left 4 hours later, after once again losing at poker night. This time I think I was 4th out, out of 7. Jen won and Karl came in second. It was a lot of fun and we’ve decided to do a poker night on the first Friday of each month. Next month we’re doing it at our place.

Didn’t get to bed until after 1 AM and then I was up around 7 AM in order to do some chores before heading to my 8:30 Saturn appointment. I went to Saturn of Alexandria for the first time. The purpose of the appointment was to get my Virginia safety inspection and emissions test. The whole thing took about 2 hours. My car passed inspection with 1 adjustment. Apparently, my horn was not loud enough for VA state requirements. It had to be replaced. The inspections cost $44 and the horn replacement $200. Go figure. But I really didn’t have a choice if I want to register my car in Virginia.

After the inspection, I drove up to Rivedale to pick up a bunch of cat food I’d ordered for Zeke. 2-16 lbs bags and 2 cases of wet food. I came back here. Kelly had put together the office/guest room and the house is essentially in good order, one week after we moved in. We took my bike to a bike shop near Kelly’s old place and I had a full tune-up done. Cost me $200 but it includes new tires, a new lock, and new bike computer (speed, mileage, etc.) They’ll call me sometime this week to come pick up the bike and then I can start riding to work.

Early this evening, we went to the Pentagon City Mall to see if we could get Kelly her new phone, but they were out of iPhones until tomorrow. She returned some clothes, and then we headed over to Potomac Yard in order to see the 5:20 PM showing of The Dark Knight. I thought it was good, though not quite as good as the last one. Also, it seemed to go on a little too long.

After the movie (during which it had poured!) we stopped at Target and then Giant, and finally headed home. I made Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. Kelly added steamed broccoli, and I had a baked potato.

It was a productive day. We’re having AJ and Denisse over tomorrow. Possibly Sarah, too.

Now you see it, and now you don’t

We were up pretty early this morning. Kelly had to go into work, but I stayed home because I needed to be here for the cable guy. I made good use of the time. I got my books unpacked. There are 36 boxes of books and I managed to get most of them unpacked and on shelves. Not in proper order, you understand, but in rough alphabetical order. I will need to go back through and do some rearranging, but it’s good enough for now.

The cable guy arrived at 9 AM. He got everything setup. HD cable downstairs, regular cable upstairs in the guest room/office. High-speed Internet (yeah! we have Internet again), phone service. I got the wireless working, and even have an extended WDS network going so that we can do remote wireless printing. When the cable was set up, I saw HD on my TV for the first time. I watched a portion of Sunrise Earth, and a portion on some show about Dracula on the History Channel. It was pretty cool!

I turned in our move-in checklist, noting all of the damaged items when we took possession of the townhouse. I was careful to note everything, not matter how small. The most significant things were (1) the ice maker does not seem to be working and (2) there is a loose tile in the kitchen floor. Once that was turned in, we got our mailbox keys and I emptied our accumulated mail. My replacement pilot certificate was there from the FAA. Way fancier than my original!

I headed into work at about 11:25 and was in my office at 11:35. Not too bad. It was a busy, hectic workday, despite it being only a half-day, mainly because of some software problems I’m dealing with.

After work, I went home (6 minutes) and did more unpacking. Kelly got home from work and wanted to rest for a while. She napped and I continued to do some unpacking. Later, I showed her the new HD stuff from cable.

We headed out to Target in the evening to do a bunch of shopping. When we got home, we decided to take it easy and relax in front of our new HDTV. And that’s when we discovered that the cable wasn’t working. Turns out that the box was bad, and to make a long story short, after talking with the cable company, and getting a $5 credit for the lost day, we have to swap out the box tomorrow. I was annoyed to no end, but what can you do?

I got the book I’d ordered for the writing workshop, James Gunn’s The Science of Writing Science Fiction.

Productive Saturday

We got off to a productive start to our day. First, we headed over to the bank, hauling a bunch of change that I had collected. We used the change machine and when all was said and done, we got more than $160 for the change. After that, we headed to Goodwill where we dropped up a bunch of stuff that we were donating to charity. From there we headed to the Pentagon City Mall where I got some new gym socks and new gym shorts (and where I also picked up my gym back and dirty gym clothes which I accidentally left at work over the weekend.)

Having been productive, we headed back to Kelly’s and then walked up the street to Baja Fresh, where we had lunch. We went back to Kelly’s and lazed around for a while, napping and finally collected the rest of the laundry and both headed to my house (in separate cars).

Kelly started laundry and then we headed up to Greenbelt to walk around the lake. From there, we headed over to Prince George’s Plaza and caught the 7:30 PM showing of Hancock, which turned out to be a fun movie that we both enjoyed (despite the mixed reviews that it received). When the movie was over, we headed to the Outback for a late (for us) dinner, and finally back home.

I have an Orioles game tomorrow.

Saturday afternoon

Yesterday afternoon began late yesterday morning. After Kelly cleaned off her desk and I finished my book, we headed out for a day full of errands and fun. First we went to the post office so that I could mail all of my tax papers to my accountant. With that out of the way, we headed a short distance down the street to the Silver Diner, where I had my first-ever egg salad sandwich. (How it it I’ve missed egg salad sandwiches? The same way, I supposed, I have missed many other types of foods: there’s so much out there it takes a while, but eventually, you get around to it.) I enjoyed it. The atmosphere at the diner was fun too. We stopped at the vet to pick up some cat food for Kelly’s cat, Simon, and then we headed down to Potomac Yards.

We met Kelly’s friend Sarah there and proceeded to do a bunch of shopping. There was shoe shopping (or browsing). We went into PetSmart and Target. We dashed in and out of shops. Kelly and I even bought a basketball because she’s had the urge to play now that the weather is starting to get nice again. (This has nothing to do with March Madness, I can assure you.)

Next we headed over to the movie theater and the three of us caught a 2:15 PM showing of Under the Same Moon, which turned out to be a pretty good movie. I found that, for the most part, I could understand the Spanish without the English subtitles.

After the movie, we stopped at the grocery store, loaded up the cars, and finally headed into D.C. where we went to a Mexican restaurant just south of the Capital South metro for dinner. They had pretty good Margaritas, but remarkably, they were all out of avocados, so there was no guacamole to be had with any of our meals. Still, it was a good meal, and a good afternoon.

I drove us back to my place after dinner and Kelly started in on something like 5 loads of laundry. Tivo had recorded What About Bob? and so we watched that, but we were tired and headed off to bed at 10 PM, as soon as it was over.

Saturday shopping

Yesterday morning, Kelly and I headed over to Tyson’s Corner at 10 AM in order to shop. Kelly wanted to get a dress for the upcoming Rainbow Room birthday dinner. After getting to Tyson’s, parking, and briefly wandering through Banana Republic, we made our way to the dress section of Lord & Taylor’s. Less than 30 minutes after arriving at Tyson’s, Kelly found the perfect dress. A black “Laundry” dress that looks just amazing! Since she found the dress so fast, it gave us plenty more time for us to shop, and I decided to document some of our shopping. The following is a short series of photos of me shopping with Kelly:

Me shopping at Lord & Taylor’s

Me shopping in the “intimates” section at Macy’s

Me shopping at Brook’s Brothers

We were at Tyson’s for 3+ hours, had lunch there, and actually did a pretty good job before it got crowded. Shortly after lunch, Kelly felt shopped out. We headed back to her place, collected her laundry and prepared to head back to my house. I called Doug and spoke to Carson, wishing him a Happy Birthday (2 years old!). I also spoke to vickyandnorm, finalizing arrangements for our trip to Disney World later this week. And I called FedEx to have them hold the Oriole’s tickets for me. I’ll go pick them up on Wednesday.

Back at my house, Kelly started laundry. We waited out a passing storm and then headed over to Target to do a little more shopping.

In the evening, we watched a movie I’d never seen before. You can read all about that in the next post.

Outlet shopping, continued

Four hours later, having gone through the Gap, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Bostonian, Polo Ralph Lauren, Movado, Borders (where I made my only purchase), Harry and David, Quiet Storm, J. Crew, Subway, Saks, and back to Banana Republic, Kelly finally finished shopping.

The book that I got is called The Scientists by John Gribbin. Its a history of science “told through the lives of its greatest inventors”. I’m taking it to the pool with me.

Did I mention its in the 80s out and we’re about to go swimming?

What I did on Sunday

I took Kelly to breakfast at IHOP. Afterwards, we ran up to Michael’s and PetSmart to do some errands.

I did a couple of loads of laundry.

I read Connie Willis’ “All Seated on the Ground” in the December ASIMOV’S. I napped. I finished Connie Willis’ novella.

I ran some more errands. I made dinner. I packed my lunch for tomorrow.

I nearly finished my holiday shopping (two more gifts to get).

I completed 6 of my holiday cards.

I spoke to Dad, he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother on the phone.

And now I’m off to bed so that I can get up at 4:20 AM for my Monday morning strength training workout.

Evening wrapup

Busy, but productive, day at work today. I managed to get a lot of SQL code written on a project that has been in the planning and design phases for months and has finally entered the development phase. That felt good.

Last night, I finished the first draft of a new story called, “The Order of the Golden Watch”, a time-travel tale. It’s about 5,300 words. Today, I began proofreading it and this evening, I started on the final draft. I’m hoping to get it finished up this week so I can send it off for consideration. Then it’s back to work on the novel, Graveyard Shift.

I managed to get a little bit of holiday shopping done today. I still have a fair amount more to do, but at least I made some progress.

In all of my busyness yesterday, I forgot to call Dad and wish him a happy birthday. I woke up at 1 AM and remembered. I felt bad about that and called him first thing this morning.

I’m off to bed. I’ve been getting to sleep around 10 PM these last few nights, and since I’m getting up at 4:20 AM, I could use a little more sleep, so tonight, I told myself I was getting to bed as close to 8:30 as I could. I’ve just got to pack my lunch and then lights out.

Bad car karma

It started Friday night. Kelly and I attended a happy hour with a decent turn-out for a change. Even AJ and Denisse joined the fun. Denisse offered me $100 if I got AJ drunk. About all I got him to do was a shot of tequila. Oh well.

Kelly was parked in the Pentagon City fashion center. We made for the exit, but the automated exit booth said that her parking ticket had expired. Strange. We drove over to the manned booth where we found a line of cars. Apparently, the system was down. Cars couldn’t get out and the people at the booth were not decision makers and would not open the gates to let people out for free, possibly for fear of loosing their jobs. Tensions flared. People honked and shouted. Police were called in to deal with the situation. Kelly and I watched on, mildly amused. After something like 25 minutes, we finally made it out.

Fast-forward to Saturday. We were supposed to go paintballing with a group of people, but for a variety of reasons, decided we couldn’t make it. Headaches were involved. Later, when the headaches had cleared, we decided to go into Old Town (Alexandria) and wander around. We’d grab some breakfast while we were there. We couldn’t find a place to park. We drove farther and farther from Old Town and still couldn’t find a place to park. When we reached Huntington, we decided to give up. We’d been looking for a parking space for nearly an hour. Instead, famished, we found a TGI Fridays and got some food. By this time, Kelly suspected bad car karma.

A few hours later, we made our way to my house and once again, hit an usual amount of traffic, on 295 and again on East West Highway. Third time was a charm, we decided. We hoped the bad karma was gone. I think it was.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to drive up to the Arundel Mills Mall and wander around there for a while. I decide to take Route 1, which made for a mildy interesting drive. We got there, found a spot quickly and headed in. We then spend a few hours wandering through the place, which is mostly outlet stores, and is about as big as the Palisades Mall near Nyack, NY. We browsed, we perused. Kelly got some clothes. I got a new mattress pad for my bed (I’d toss the old one a few months back when it was essentially shredded and had been sleeping without one since).

We wandered into Books A Million and there I discovered that the January/February 2008 ANALOG was on shelves. It contains the first part of a serial by Joe Haldeman called Marsbound. I love Joe’s stuff (The Accidental Time Traveler was one of the best books I read all year) and I was so excited to see this on the shelf, I almost bought the issue, even though I am a subscriber. Cooler heads prevailed and I am now waiting patiently for it to arrive in the mail.

We had dinner at a pizza place in the mall and finally headed back home. We started to watch Mary Poppins before dozing off. I hadn’t seen that movie in a decade or more!