And then there were 40 (+10)

I did 40 pushups tonight and for some reason, it was far easier than the last time I actually hit 40. Last night, for instancfe, I was only able to do 35 and the night before, I did 37 or 38 and was wiped out. But just now, I did 40 pushups quick (and for the most part) easy. I wonder why it seemed so easy tonight but so hard the night before.

Since they came so easy tonight, I decided to make tonight the night I started on my “second” set. After doing the first set of 40, I started a second set of 10. I will work my way up to 30 on the second set and then start a third set.

As a reward for such a good job, I’m treating myself to lunch tomorrow. I’m not packing my lunch tonight. Instead, I’m getting into bed and reading more of The Passage of the Light (starting in on Herovit’s World, the second or third time I’ve read that novel, but I never get tired of it.)


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