Workout #5: The Elipitical!

Just back from my fifth workout (after work, without Bernard). I was instructed to do cardio today and I decided to give the eliptical a try. I love it! It’s much better than either the recumbant bike or regular bike, and it’s not nearly as hard on the knees as the treadmill. I did a 30 minute cardio workout and the time flew by!

After cardio, I went back to a routine similar to my first workout: upper body, incluing chest presses, jumping jacks, pectorals, etc. I did about three sets of each, rotating. (I stuck with 50 lbs on the chest press and 45 on the pectorals). I also did a set of the pulldowns that I mentioned yesterday.

Finally, I did a couple of sets (15 reps each) of crunches.

I’ve got a meeting at 7 PM from home this evening so I’m heading out of here now. My next workout is tomorrow afternoon, 4 PM and tomorrow, it’s with Bernard.


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