“Graveyard Shift” is finished

At 7:30 PM EDT, I wrote the final words of “Graveyard Shift”. It was the most difficult story I’ve ever written to date. It is also the longest story I’ve ever written, coming in at 21,439 words, or 106 manuscript pages.

The ending was much more moving than I thought it could be. I felt a tear trying to sneak out as I wrote it.

Even if I don’t end up selling this story, it won’t be because I didn’t put in the effort to make it a really good story, with good character, an intriguing idea, and a convoluted plot. I nearly gave up on this story, but I didn’t and while it may not be the best story I’ve ever written, I am proud of it.

I’m printing out the manuscript now so I can search for typos, grammar and spelling errors. Once I’ve given it a good proofreading, then off it goes, first stop at F&SF. Hopefully I can get it in the mail early next week.

Whoo-hoo! I did it!

Next up, a story I’m calling, “If By Reason of Strength”…


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