Ceiling woes

While talking on the phone with jen_ashlock, I noticed that there was a “stain” on the ceiling above my door and that the paint appeared to be peeling more than usual.

The ceiling is soft so I imagine there is water in there from the recent rains, but the carpet is dry and the wall is dry. I contacted my landlord and he gave me the number to his roof guy (he also sent him an email message). We are trying to arrange to have the guy to come out an assess what it will take to repair the ceiling/roof. I don’t have my work laptop at home, so I am running into work early in the morning to pick it up. I’m calling the roofer from work, early, and then heading back home once we agree on when to meet.

I’m not overly concerned about it and my landlord is really good at seeing that these things are fixed quickly. But it’s just another one of those little things lingering over my head, making it just a little bit more difficult to get a good night’s sleep.


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