After my workout this morning, I was in the shower stall all the way in the corner of the shower room in the gym. I happened to look up and noticed that in the very corner of the ceiling where the two walls meet, a small piece of drop-ceiling was missing, or had been slid aside. I couldn’t really see inside, but I immediately thought: what if someone placed a hidden camera in there and was streaming to the Internet live video from inside men’s showers, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting shower-ers. (This is not paranoia on my part; this is how a writer’s mind is supposed to work.)

In a Puckish moment, therefore, I looked up at the hole in the ceiling, smiled and then gave it the bird.

So in your wanderings over the Interweb, should you come across video of my in the gym shower, flipping off the camera, you now know why.


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