A typical work day, part 6

The updated data model is now completed. I have to upload it to the project site and then send an email to some people letting them know that the model is available if they want to look at it, but it went pretty quickly (I did the updates in about an hour).

Because I have gotten this much done, I can begin to plan what I need to work on tomorrow. At this point, I think the bulk of the day tomorrow will be spent on the preliminary integration of the Projects database with some other corporate systems, in particular our financial system. I now have access to BusinessObjects which allows me to build some test queries against the financial system. The plan is the pull the necessary data from the other systems into our system in a bi-weekly automated synchronization process. I’ve got a pretty good understand of what is needed and I can probably get that done tomorrow. Once that’s done, I need to begin work on some interface enhancements, including a better search mechanism.

At this point, I’m getting hungry (I didn’t eat lunch, remember) and I need to eat something since I’ve got a cardio workout after work today. I didn’t pack my lunch today because I didn’t get to the grocery store this weekend, so I’m going to run downstairs and grab something to eat.


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