I am approaching the low point of laziness in recent memory, and I am hopeful that I will reach the nadir this weekend and somehow turn it around. First, there is my gym truancy, which has taken physical manifestation in the gaining of a couple of kilograms of mass around the middle of yours truly. Second, there is the fact that my eating habits have more or less devolved back to what they used to be. Third is the fact that I am not very productive. I come home from work and watch TV. Even my reading has almost crept to a halt. I am told that this is not uncommon around Thanksgiving, but it is uncommon for me. I’m usually good with habits. I stopped drinking caffeine cold turkey on February 14, 2004 never to return. I stopped biting my nails cold turkey on August 21, 2001 also never to return. I mention dates to show you that I’m serious about my habits. But this eating and workout habit is a tough one. And this laziness has got to stop!

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be so open about it, which is one of the reasons think I am approaching the nadir. I keep telling myself, tomorrow, you’ll get back on track. And of course, tomorrow rolls around and the cycle repeats. The toughest part of any habit is breaking the old cycle. Well, I’m not saying that I’m turning it around tomorrow, and tossing off this mossy laziness, but I soon… very soon.

After nearly 48 hours without a problem, the DirecTV signal issue reared its head this evening. That pretty much rules out the satellite box, and diagnostically, any new information is good. I’ve got the service call on Friday. It occurred to me that it’s going to be a real hassle if they have to re-cable because the cable runs behind my book shelves and I’d have to take my whole office apart for the service people to get to it. If that ends up being the case, I may send them home, cancel DirecTV and order up Comcast (yet another sign of laziness?)


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