Holiday party

Our holiday party starts in about 20 minutes and these will be the first 20 minutes I’ve had today to just relax. It has been one of those days. Nothing I planned to do got done. I spent the day putting out fires that were not even my fires to put out. I also busted my badge, snapped it clean in half when I was helping to setup for the holiday party, earlier this morning, and I now have a new badge. But I liked my old one, and liked the fact that it never had to be replaced until now. I’m a sucker for “streaks”.

There is a rumor going around that after the holiday party, we are going over to Pentagon Row (where my gym is) to go ice skating. In the winter, they put up a small outdoor rink. I haven’t skated in a while, but I played hockey when I was younger and that is how I learned to skate. It will be interesting to see how much I remember. (It really hasn’t been that long; certainly sometime within the last 10 years.)

One problem: I’m beginning to feel tired. I’ve been up since 4:30. The holiday part will last until 7 PM. Who knows how long the ice skating will last. I’ll get home late. It will be a long day. And I have one more day at the gym (tomorrow) before my day off (Sunday).


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