Workout and ice skating

Up at 4:20 AM and into the gym by 5:55. Trains seem to be running later and later for some reason. Not sure why. I did a full 40 minute cardio workout, followed by some ab work and I was back to the office by 7 AM.

Each year at Pentagon Row, the central courtyard is transformed into an ice skating rink for the winter. This morning, as I headed to the gym, I noticed that the transformation has begun. This seems unusually early to me. Granted, I haven’t tracked the change over previous years, but I mean, come on, the leaves are just barely starting to turn color, the afternoon temperatures are still up into the 80s. Heck, baseball is still being played. And they are setting up an ice skating rink? Do the Pentagon Row people know something about the climate that we don’t?


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