Somehow, I’ve gotten a reputation for being a somewhat disciplined person and I’m not exactly sure how the myth started. Sure, I get up early. Sure, I’ve been sticking to a pretty good workout schedule. But if I were truly disciplined, I would be able to come home from work and make myself sit in front of my computer and write instead of dumping myself in front of the television for several hours, wasting away the evening. (It is for this reason more than any other that I am going to give up TV for a while later this spring.)

I may have some discipline, but it is way out of proportion with the perception, judging by my reputation. To make my case, here is what I had for dinner when I got home tonight:

Healthy Choice Chicken Parmesan (so far so good)
2 white chocolate macadamia cookies (a rare indulgence, but I crave something sweet now and again)
8 (eight) Reeses Peanut Butter cups (which kruppenheimer will point out adds up to something like 1,000 calories)

I’m supposed to be laying off the carbs at night. The chicken is breaded. The cookies have plenty of carbs, and the peanut butter cups? Well, at least there is some protein in there somewhere. If I were as disciplined as people thought I was, I would be able to resist temptations like these. But I’m just as weak as the next fellow.


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